Expedia: Escape The Family

Expedia pokes fun at Harry and Meghan's shock departure from the royal family with a well-placed print ad.

Placed in the Evening Standard and Metro alongside articles covering the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision to split their time between the UK and Canada, the ad shows a picturesque Canadian landscape alongside the tagline: "Escape the family".


BT: Halo

BT has launched its latest advertising campaign supporting BT Halo - the UK’s best converged plan – providing customers with ultra-reliable, superfast connectivity at home and on the go, and expert home service like they’ve never experienced with BT’s new Home Tech Experts.

The campaign launched with a 90 second TV advert that premiered on Friday 17th January during Love Island on ITV 2. The campaign focuses on the importance and far-reaching nature of human connection and highlights the power of what can happen when people come together. This includes medical care, sporting achievements, a girl searching for her biological father via social media, and record-breaking attempts.

The campaign shows gamers, musicians, students, parents and athletes benefitting from connecting with others whilst a spoken-word poet brings this to life through an inspirational poem. The ad ends with an emotional scene showing the girl finally being reunited with her biological father finishing with the message that BT Halo helps create millions of connections every day across the UK.

BT’s recent gaming partnership with esports team Excel also features with a fan in the ad sporting the team jersey.

The multi-channel campaign also includes out of home (OOH), both roadside and across seven major train stations, bus liveries, cinema, broadcast VoD, a 60 second TV ad, and online video, press, and social. 

Marie Curie, 'Whatever you call it'

Marie Curie’s new campaign aims to highlight the way people avoid talking about death and dying by using euphemisms to encourage more people to start a conversation. 
Most people aren’t comfortable thinking or talking about dying, so we decided the best way to change this behaviour and create societal change was to point out the slightly odd and quirky ways that we all avoid talking about death by using euphemisms. We created a series of charming animations with Moth Animation Studio which brought to life, ‘pop your clogs’, ‘meet your maker’, ‘give up the ghost’ and many of the other euphemisms that exist to communicate the campaign message - whatever you call death, we should all talk about it.
The campaign signals an important and significant shift in Marie Curie’s purpose to more confidently position the charity as ‘experts in end of life experience’ rather than purely a ‘provider of end of life care’. This move will broaden the charity’s relevance, and in turn, we hope to produce greater fundraising revenue which will allow them to care for more people.
The campaign went live on 3rd November 2019 across TV, radio, social and PR.

DT: Love Magenta

To celebrate the launch of Deutsche Telekom’s “Connected Underwear” across Europe this Valentine’s Day, Saatchi & Saatchi’s reception was turned into a phone-free love zone. Alongside mannequins wearing the phone-blocking smart pants was a flower wall, a magenta bed, branded condoms and ‘chastity belt’ phone covers – encouraging everyone to make love, not likes. We even adapted the menu in our canteen, to serve ‘Jump on me Jacket Potatoes’ and ‘Kiss me Korean Carrots’. And although some people took to the ‘gram, we are confident that most of the Saatchi team will go home, put their phones away and make sweet love to their partner this evening.

EE: A live AR performance powered by 5G

EE treated commuters to the world’s first AR gig streamed simultaneously over 5G to three cities, starring multi-platinum selling British band Bastille and Kevin Bacon for its latest brand campaign. The ambitious live event features in a new brand campaign that showcases the power of 5G, even in the busiest of places like train stations. The campaign lead with a 60-second TV ad that launched 13th January during the break of Love Island.


The campaign aimed to inspire customers with the exciting new ways in which EE’s pioneering 5G network can elevate everyday experiences, even in the busiest places; in this instance, enabling commuters across the UK to immerse themselves in a 360-degree augmented performance by Bastille. Commuters could watch the mixed-reality action unfold in real time despite being hundreds of miles away from the performance taking place in Birmingham New Street station.


Unsuspecting commuters in London, Liverpool and Edinburgh are shown tuning into the AR performance using cutting edge technology from Samsung and Nreal, jaws drop as the four-piece group, led by frontman Dan Smith, perform their iconic track, Pompeii, during a busy rush hour in Birmingham.


The spectacular audio-visual performance was presented as a 360-degree experience, giving fans a front row seat at Bastille’s unique performance, complete with stunning augmented reality graphics, which featured giant yetis, city walls tumbling down and digital trains.


Dan Smith, singer songwriter from Multi-platinum selling British band, Bastille, said: “Knowing that our performance in Birmingham was being streamed over EE’s 5G network to fans across the UK, with an incredible augmented reality experience, was an incredible feeling. It’s exciting as a musician to be pushing the boundaries of live performance and experimenting with interesting new technologies to create new experiences for our fans.”


Pete Jeavons, Marketing Communications Director at BT and EE commented: “Since we launched the UK’s first 5G network last year, we’ve rolled it out to 50 cities and large towns across the UK, more places than any other network. This amazing activation with Bastille showcase some of the extraordinary possibilities of 5G with augmented reality rendered in real time, and highlights the benefits that 5G brings to customers by providing fantastic connections even in the busiest places like train stations.”


This campaign ran across TV, out of home (OOH), cinema and video on demand (VOD) – with edits and content developed specifically for a range of digital and social channels.