Fridge Raiders 'Get A Taste For Power'

Kerry Foods and Saatchi & Saatchi London have together launched the new campaign ‘Get a Taste for Power,’ bringing all the Kerry Foods protein snacking range together under the Fridge Raiders banner for the first time.

‘Get a Taste For Power’ marks a strategic shift in focus from recent Fridge Raiders campaigns. Kerry Foods and Saatchi & Saatchi are now aiming to position Fridge Raiders as a go to option for adults following research which showed that the adult population accounted for 85% of all snacking occasions in the UK.

The new campaign highlights the powerful protein boost that all products in the Fridge Raiders range offer. In the leading 30” TV ad, protagonist ‘Julie’ makes her way through London on a fantastical Fridge Raiders fuelled journey. From power dressing and power walking to power boating, Julie is given complete energy and sustenance from the nutritious snack of Fridge Raiders.

Directed by Daniel Warwick for Biscuit Productions and featuring West End star Alexia Khadime, the energetic and fast paced advert, set to the iconic soundtrack of Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know It’s True conveys the lasting powerful feeling and energy Fridge Raiders gives.

The full above the line campaign spans TV with 30” and 10” edits, as well as out of home, digital out of home and social content.

Alastair Gibbons, Marketing Manager at Kerry Foods said, “Fridge Raiders is making a significant strategic shift in targeting adult consumers. To support this, we needed to create advertising that not only showed people that Fridge Raiders is the perfect snack to power them on through their day but was also bold and distinctive in celebrating our new visual identity and the modernisation of our brand. We are really excited to bring this campaign to market and see the impact it will have on our brand.”

Will John, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London added, “With ‘Get A Taste For Power,’ we’ve created a power ad for a power snack that’s packed with protein. We’re showing all the powerful things you can do throughout your day, once you’ve snacked on the power of Fridge Raiders.”

HSBC 'Global Airports'

  • HSBC launches new brand creative for one of the world’s largest out-of-home advertising campaigns
  • The campaign will appear in five languages at 17 airports in nine countries
  • Featuring almost 80 versions of HSBC’s hexagon, the imagery will cover a huge 94 km of passenger walkways

Stories of prosperity from across the globe will greet more than 900 million passengers travelling through the busiest airports this summer, with the new brand campaign from the world’s leading international bank. 

HSBC’s new “Together we thrive” campaign is rolling out in five languages, across 17 airports in nine countries as the bank overhauls its iconic airport advertising for the first time in three years. HSBC has been advertising in the world’s leading airports since 2001.

With new creative featuring both global and local images, the campaign brings to life the bank’s role in connecting the world and helping customers and communities to thrive. At its heart is the bank’s signature hexagon, with 79 different versions featuring across the airports.

Each image uses the hexagon as a window into a thriving world, with local scenes bespoke to the cities and countries that HSBC serves; from the buzzing food scene of Hong Kong, to the innovative rooftop farming practices in New York and the community cycling initiatives across Britain.

From an initial longlist of 300 images, the hexagon visuals were chosen to  reflect HSBC’s business priorities including trade, education, diversity and inclusion and sustainability.

The eye catching designs cover 1,500 air bridges and a huge 94 kilometeres of passenger walkways across both departure and arrival areas at major air transport hubs around the globe.

HSBC’s Group Head of Marketing, Leanne Cutts says: “As the world’s leading international bank, HSBC’s customers are truly global and nothing represents that more clearly than airports – the very places that connect people to opportunities.  Our airport campaigns have caught the attention of millions of travellers across the world over the years and remind our customers that we are there to share their journeys with them. With global air traffic forecast to double to 14bn passengers per year by 2029, airports will continue to be a pivotal part of our marketing strategy.”

Speaking about the evolution of the brand’s iconic hexagon, Andrea Newman, Global Head of Brand at HSBC said:  “The airports creative leverages the many different brand hexagons we have created around key themes that are important to our customers; such as sustainability, education, innovation and diversity and inclusion.  The themes represent the global drivers and more local flavours of prosperity and the hexagons will be cropping up everywhere we have a presence, from airports to apps to stadium screens.”

Materials for the airport creative have been specially selected to be capable of enduring jet blast from aircraft engines, as well as the most extreme weather conditions – from a special adhesive used in Dubai to prevent artwork falling off walls in extreme heat, to a covering applied in Canada to stop materials from freezing and cracking in winter.


  • 900m passengers per year travel through an HSBC branded jet bridge
  • HSBC bids ‘bon voyage’ on departure and welcomes you on arrival at 17 airports in 10 countries around the world
  • HSBC branding covers 94km of passenger walkways
  • Campaign features 80 versions of the iconic HSBC hexagon
  • Global air traffic forecast to double to 14bn passengers per year by 2029

The Global Brand strategy and airports campaign was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi and utilises the new Brand identity developed with Turner Duckworth.

A film showing the evolution of the campaign through to installation is available here.

The campaign will appear in the following airports:

1.Hong Kong International

2.Shanghai Pudong

3.Singapore Changi

4.Dubai International

5.Paris Charles De Gaulle

6.Paris Orly

7.London Heathrow

8.London Gatwick

9.Toronto Pearson

10.Vancouver International


12.Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau

13.New York JFK

14.Los Angeles LAX

15.Sydney International

16.Melbourne International

17.Brisbane International




Direct Line 'Keeping up with your world'

  • New ATL campaign creates an emotional connection with small company owners and operators, showcasing Direct Line’s understanding of the key moments of business change 
  • Creative reassures customers they will have the right insurance cover to keep their business covered as it grows

Direct Line for Business and Saatchi & Saatchi London today announced the launch of a major new ATL campaign, “Keeping up with your world.”  It features a dedicated creative for the small and micro business audience, highlighting insurance support in a changing and unpredictable business world. The campaign launches on television on Friday 20th July and is supported with radio, social, press and PR.

The new 30” advert follows the exhilarating journey of Jenna, a dynamic female business owner in her 30s, rising from self-employment to growing and running her own business. The fast-paced scene changes and cuts show how much a small business owner must consider, such as hiring staff, chasing down clients and moving from working at a kitchen table to a busy office.

The narration in the advert is provided by the unmistakable voice of stand-up comedian and television panellist Milton Jones, who viewers will recognise from such shows as Mock the Week, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and Live at the Apollo.

The advertisement lays down a bold challenge by asking, “Can your business insurance do that?” emphasising how Direct Line continues to disrupt the insurance marketplace, making it ever easier for small companies to buy direct with confidence. The “Keeping up with your world” creative remains recognisably Direct Line, taking an empathetic, impactful look at what it feels like to run a small business and how this audience needs insurance that is designed to keep up. 

Claire Sadler, Marketing Director of Direct Line for Business said We know from our research that change is constant for small businesses, yet many businesses don’t know if they are covered if there are changes to their business, like staff, turnover or stock. Customers want reassurance that they have an insurance policy that can flex, change or grow with them. 

“Direct Line is inherently perceived as a consumer brand, despite having over 450,000 small business policy holders, so with the new creative we wanted to show we understand the joys and challenges of running a small business by bringing emotion and humour into our business to business communication. And in doing so, humanise business insurance and highlight that being a small business owner is personal experience and people need a personalised insurance product, not an off the shelf package.” 

Kate Stanners Chairwoman and Global Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi: “Growing a business in the current climate is incredibly tough and to succeed you have to work really hard. It was important to show in this film just how unpredictable life at the helm of a business can be. You take a huge leap of faith and then just do whatever you can to adapt to a torrent of challenges, surprises and setbacks, while also trying to enjoy the ride. We wanted to create a montage that conveyed this dynamic journey in a visceral and playful way, while showcasing how invaluable constant support from Direct Line for Business can be.”

The campaign supports the launch of a new end-to-end business insurance solution that enables over 500 trades to buy insurance directly with confidence. The online tool dramatically simplifies the way contractors and small businesses in the advertising and marketing industries purchase cover. It provides an intuitive and responsive sales journey, enabling customers to create a policy that is totally unique to their business, meaning that policyholders never pay for insurance they don’t need. Once in place, customers can make as many changes to their policy as they wish without incurring any mid-term amendment fees.

EE 'Data Gifting'

EE has marked the launch of its new brand platform and data gifting plans with a new brand campaign starring Kevin Bacon and comedian David Mitchell. Only on EE’s award-winning network can customers now gift data to their family members when they need it most.

The ad campaign sees Kevin joining David and his three teenage children for a family day out, driving through a wildlife safari park. Whilst Kevin and David share a joke about the monkeys climbing all over the car, the kids are moping in the backseat because they’ve run out of data and can’t change their fantasy football teams.

As the monkeys begin getting out of control and the restless teenagers continue to complain, Kevin swoops in to save the day, restoring peace in the car by letting David know just how easy it is to gift his data to his family on EE. David leaps into action and quickly transfers 1GB of data to his daughter who is delighted at being able to switch her fantasy football captain. Whilst David attempts to restore order inside the car, the mischievous monkeys are spotted making-off with David’s hub cap, number plate, and various other car parts.

Max Taylor, MD of Marketing at EE, said: “This new campaign shows just how easy it now is for EE customers to gift their data between accounts. EE is the first network in the UK to give families the flexibility to use their data as digital pocket money for parents to reward their children whenever and wherever they like.”

EE continues to drive digitally integrated campaigns with a focus on social across Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, as well as other video display partners. This campaign will run across TV, out of home (OOH), cinema, and video on demand (VOD) – with edits and content developed specifically for a range of digital and social channels.  

Launching in mid-June, EE will be continuing its promotion of data gifting for families by teaming up with Vue cinemas to become the exclusive partner of Vue’s Family Ticket. This will be communicated online across the Vue website, as well as in Vue cinema foyers, on popcorn boxes, and by geo-targeting cinema visitors via mobile.

The campaign kicks off with a 40 second TV ad that will launch on Friday 1 June during Britain’s Got Talent and Gogglebox. The campaign was developed by EE’s advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi London. EE’s media buying agency, Essence, has led the multi-million-pound investment in placement.


Pampers 'Push'

Since December 2017, Pampers has inspired over 15,000 people to say #ThankYouMidwife. However, with 1,900 new babies born every day there is still an important job to be done in recognising this incredible profession. So, this summer, Pampers are rallying the nation to continue to say #ThankYouMidwife with a playful new TVC, social, PR and influencer campaign.

The new 40” TVC ‘Push’ developed by Saatchi & Saatchi London, showcases the rollercoaster of emotions that happen on the labour ward every day, and the critical role the midwives play in helping mums push on through delivery. 

Shot on the maternity wards at the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton and New Forest Birth Centre, the Pampers ‘Push’ advert features footage of real midwives and pregnant women with their partners, set to the 80’s hit ‘Push It’ by Salt n Pepa. 

Despite their vital role, one in three Midwives admit they feel underappreciated and undervalued,  Whilst the majority of UK mums agree that it is important to thank midwives, just over half (58%) actually do. That’s why Pampers is calling for parents to keep saying #ThankYouMidwife on social media.

During the campaign, for every thank you shared, Pampers will donate £1 to the Benevolent Fund of the Royal College of Midwives to support midwives in need. One #ThankYouMidwife post = £1 donation. To help encourage people to keep saying #ThankYouMidwife, Pampers is also working with actress Jacqueline Jossa, who is currently pregnant with her second child.

Speaking about the campaign, Caroline Gorrie, Pampers Brand Manager at P&G, said: “Midwives do an incredible job and always go above and beyond, so Pampers wants to make sure that none of them feels under-valued. Through this campaign, we hope to celebrate them, show our appreciation and help bring a smile to the faces of midwives in hospitals throughout the country.”

Gill Walton, Chief Executive and General Secretary at the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), said: “Midwives play a crucial role in helping women and families throughout pregnancy, the delivery of their babies and beyond, so we’re delighted that Pampers continues to recognise them. The donations made through the #ThankYouMidwife social media campaign make a huge difference to our members who need them, so the RCM would also like to thank the public for their ongoing support.”

The TV and VOD campaign, with media planning and buying executed by Publicis Media, launched  during the final of Britain’s Got Talent on 3rd June, and will run until 22nd June 2018. A targeted consumer PR and influencer outreach campaign will also be executed by MSL.

This campaign is part of Pampers’ long-term commitment to appreciate and recognise every midwife in the UK.  As a further small act of appreciation, Pampers will also be doing a series of Midwives’ Staff Room Makeovers across the UK, starting with Southampton Hospital where the TVC was shot.

Direct Line 'Skipping' (Online content)


Harvey Keitel as the character Winston Wolf from cult classic Pulp Fiction voices Direct Line’s new YouTube preroll ad in which he asks in the first 5 seconds; “will you choose to skip the ad or choose the skipping ad”?

Direct Line 'Hens' (Integrated)


Direct Line’s new campaign 'Hens' which launches its guaranteed hire car proposition that keeps drivers moving, sees Winston Wolf coming to the rescue of ‘Julia and the girls’ who are on their way to a hen party when their car is hit by a cou

bathstore 'Duck' (Integrated)


Highlighting the importance of a bathroom and its role in the home where the big things in life happen, bathstore’s latest campaign stars ‘Duck’ observing some of these moments whilst in the bathroom.

Toyota 'The Dust' (Online content)


Toyota’s new campaign pits cricket legends Michael Vaughan and Glenn McGrath in a head-to-head one-off driving challenge to determine who could get one up on the old enemy and #settlethescore at the wheel of a GT86 coupe, instead of at the wicket.

Pampers 'Pooface' (Online content/cinema)


'Pooface' is the first film created for Pampers Wipes new “Don’t Fear The Mess!” campaign. Set to the classic score Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Strauss, the film charts in super slow motion, a big moment in ten young babies lives: doing a poo.

EE 'Power Rap' (Online content)


Promoting EE’s new customer loyalty proposition 'Power Bars', the film shows the party leaders’ as we’ve never seen them before, behind closed doors, where they think no one is watching.

Direct Line 'Magnate' (Integrated)


Direct Line’s latest instalment of their successful campaign starring Harvey Keitel as the character Winston Wolf from cult classic Pulp Fiction, focuses on reinforcing the fact that Direct Line’s high quality insurance comes at surprisingly competit