BT helps the UK realise it's potential with new brand purpose and ambition: "Beyond Limits"

BT has launched its biggest brand campaign in 20 years. ‘Beyond Limits’ reveals the company’s ambition to help families and communities across the UK, and companies in Britain and around the world, to remove the barriers of today to realise the potential of tomorrow. The new campaign reflects the changing nature of BT and its focus on improving connectivity, setting a new standard for customer experience and providing essential skills training for 10 million people and businesses.
The TV ad developed for the campaign, airing on October 18, tells a story of hope in a time of uncertainty for Britain. It pays homage to Charles Dickens’s classic novel, The Tale Of Two Cities, following the story of a young girl as she travels through modern Britain to reach her classroom of the future. The ad poses questions about our time, and the role of technology in our lives. The viewer is provoked to think of these scenes as both positive and negative, ultimately concluding that this is a journey of optimism and pride and how technology can play a positive role in our lives. 
The TV campaign builds in partnership with ITV for a network takeover the weekend of October 19 and 20. BT will unveil the new logo and feature interpretations of it created by children from the Ashmount and Pontlliw Primary School from London and Swansea using coding robots. The concept was developed together with ITV Creative, BT’s media buying agency, Essence, was responsible for the multi-million pound investment in TV placement.
Led by Saatchi & Saatchi London, supported by other Publicis Groupe agencies as well as AnalogFolk and PosterScope and a wide roster of agencies across all disciplines. “Beyond Limits” will also feature digital and social advertising, significant PR and internal communications campaigns to communicate this new frontier for BT to its global workforce, an experiential OOH activation and launch event.
The scale, presence and impact of BT’s people across the UK is further brought to life in the print and OOH campaign elements. This work shines a light on the efforts of BT’s people with headlines such as “BT answers 30 million 999 calls per year” and “We prevent 4,000 cyber attacks daily to keep your data safe.” 
On 23rd October, an experiential OOH activation will be unveiled right in the centre of Piccadilly Circus. During the half-term break, children will get involved in the campaign’s creative, developing their very own avatars using code. These avatars will then light up on a Piccadilly Circus billboard, further cementing BT’s commitment to inspiring younger generations.
The campaign was launched with a record-breaking event at Wembley Arena, headlined by pop-singer Jess Glynne and hosted by TV presenter Tess Daly. BT, with students from St. Joseph’s School in Islington – part of BT’s Barefoot programme which brings digital and computing curriculum to schools across the UK – created a world record-breaking choreographed drone performance, featuring 160 drones synchronized to a medley of Glynne’s greatest hits. The performance was a celebration of BT’s new brand direction as well as its commitment to its ‘Skills for Tomorrow’ initiative, a new online and community training programme designed to provide essential digital skills training for 10 million school children, families and businesses across the UK.

Deutsche Telekom, "Connected Underwear"

Deutsche Telekom's latest campaign aims to facilitate real connection between young couples, sparking conversation around the impact of mobile devices on present moment, in-person relationships. When all else fails, Deutsche Telekom has created ‘Connected underwear’, an imaginative & humorous solution to the issue. 
Our ever-evolving relationship with technology presents a number of key challenges so the campaign speaks to young couples, using film content and Instagram stories to direct them towards a platform for support, where the brand will be hosting helpful tips on how to ensure mobile devices do not become a barrier to intimacy, from device settings to setting boundaries. 
When used, ‘Connected Underwear’ activates ‘Love Mode’ on the couples smartphones, setting the mood for romance by automatically activating Do Not Disturb mode & playing a romantic playlist.
A limited edition of “Connected Underwear” have been created, all in the iconic Deutsche Telekom magenta, and can be purchased at a price of €25. In addition Deutsche Telekom has also been working with relationship expert Eric Hegmann to highlight some of the actions couples can take to connect better with their loved ones and bring them closer together again. 
Deutsche Telekom’s ‘Better Together’ follows the brand’s recent #DABEI 5G campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, highlighting the positive role that technology can play in our everyday lives, if we are more self-aware of how, when & why we use it. 

Direct Line, "Survive the Horror"

Award-winning writer and director Alice Lowe alongside Saatchi & Saatchi has launched an integrated campaign for Direct Line called 'Survive the Horror', all in time for Halloween.

The Alfred Hitchcock-inspired film follows a young driver who scratched up her car on the way back from the supermarket after realising she forgot to buy cheese. Targeting 17- to 34-year olds, the "Survive the horror" campaign draws on the anxiety experienced by young people as they begin to face mistakes and claims without the help of parents or guardians. 

Making mistakes is part of everyday life, but research has shown that this matters disproportionately amongst 17-34-year olds because it’s the first time they face errors on their own. This audience goes from being covered by their parents or guardians to being a grown-up and having to deal with claims by themselves and coping with stress when things go wrong.

The campaign film which builds on Direct Line’s association with film, following its recent sponsorship of Film on 4, is supported by a 60 cinema cutdown and a series of 6-second social stings spots which bring to life other real life horrors from cracked laptops to lost phones and kitchen disasters.

The film was created by Saatchi & Saatchi, directed by Alice Lowe who is also known for her acting roles in Black Mirror and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace and produced by Western Edge Pictures, whose previous films include Third Star, Mr Calzaghe and Rare Beasts.


EE Launches 5G

EE launched the UK’s first 5G service - demonstrating its power using real customers, football fans, 5G technology and Kevin Bacon, to bring its story to life.


The campaign was shot on the day of the FA Cup Final, capturing the action from Wembley Stadium connected by EE, using 5G to bring it into the homes of football fans across the UK.Kevin Bacon hit the UK screens, alongside genuine Watford fans and a family of lifelong Manchester City supporters in the latest EE brand campaign, marking the launch of 5G in the UK. The campaign supports EE becoming the UK’s first network to switch on 5G and showcases a number of the new ways customers can enjoy this new super-fast connection.


For the first time in EE’s six-year history, the brand is featuring genuine customers in the campaign. Using 5G and its cutting-edge technology, EE found new ways for them to enjoy the things they love – in this case football - and captured the magic as it happened, on the day of the FA Cup Final.


The advert is comprised of three individual storylines following the experiences of both Watford and Manchester City fans. Opening on Wembley Way on the day of the FA Cup Final, huge crowds are seen making the football pilgrimage into the iconic London stadium, before cutting to a small pub on the outskirts of the Capital. Kevin Bacon suddenly appears amongst the football supporters at the pub and asks a Watford fan to take a picture of him before the game starts.


The advert then cuts to Manchester, where Graham Phillips, a lifelong Man City fan gets ready to watch the game from home with his wife and daughter. 


A young fan in Watford colours joins his friend on a balcony who is holding up a 5G smartphone, pointing it in the direction of the community pitch below him. Suddenly the image on the mobile screen is replaced with scenes from the pitch at Wembley in real time, getting the fan even closer to the action than he thought possible thanks to 5G.


Cutting back to Manchester, Graham’s daughter surprises him by putting on a VR headset and using the unique qualities of the new network – high bandwidth and low latency – Graham is suddenly in the midst of the excitement at the game, made possible by his son in law and grandson live-streaming the game from a 5G smartphone to the VR headset.


Back at the pub, the fan taking Kevin’s picture is astonished to find that her phone screen has transformed; scenes from the FA Cup final from the viewpoint of the tunnel onto the pitch, streaming live behind Kevin and showing the two teams as they line up ahead of the match. Bacon, already well versed in the magical possibilities of 5G, beckons her to point the camera into the tunnel, onto the pitch and into the sky for the live fireworks.


Up in the block of high-rise flats, the young Watford fan is watching live on his phone, having overlaid their small community pitch with the live final at Wembley. Real time footage from the game shows Manchester City scoring a goal and cuts to Graham jumping up and down excitedly, still revelling in the excitement of wearing the VR headset. The campaign culminates with Graham removing the headset to reveal how moved he was by the experience. The whole experience was brought to life through the power of 5G on EE.


Pete Jeavons, Marketing Communications Director at BT and EE, said:“We wanted to support the launch of 5G in the UK with an equally ambitious campaign. To be the first network to launch 5G in the UK is a huge moment for the brand and we wanted to demonstrate all the possibilities that 5G can unlock for our customers – from augmented reality to virtual reality. In this latest campaign, we’ve worked with real people in real time to showcase what’s possible on real 5G networks. Rather than tell them a 5G story, we let them become the story.”

EE continues to drive digitally integrated campaigns with a focus on social across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as other video display partners. This campaign will run across TV, out of home (OOH), cinema and video on demand (VOD) – with edits and content developed specifically for a range of digital and social channels.  


The campaign kicked off with a 60-second TV ad that launched on 30thMay 2019.The campaign was developed by EE’s advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi London. 

Visa, "One Moment can change the game"

As the Official Payment Services Partner of FIFA, Visa released its global marketing campaign for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™, “One Moment Can Change the Game.”The campaign amplifies the meaningful moments women are creating on and off the pitch, whether it be inspiring athletic greatness on the field, influencing business outcomes in the boardroom or driving economic impact at home and across industries.


Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi London, the global campaign showcases a series of authentic vignettes, inspired by the true stories of female football players, including Team Visa athletes, Lucy Bronze(Great Britain), Eugenie Le Sommer(France), Kim Little(Scotland), Dzsenifer Maroszan(Germany) and Nadia Nadim(Denmark). With football as the background, the films display how moments of acceptance and empowerment can have a profound impact on one’s life. Whether it is Maroszan scoring the deciding goal during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games final, or Nadim being selected as a member of the under-15 regional team in Denmark after arriving in the country as an Afghani refugee, each of these athletes have experienced moments that have defined their lives and inspired them to greatness. The global campaign will be activated in 33 markets, feature a combination of hero and social films and span broadcast television, digital, social, print and out-of-home.


Across its sponsorship portfolio, Visa curates exclusive, unforgettable experiences for consumers and clients from around the world. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences provide fans with Visa’s exclusive access to the centre circle and team warm-ups prior to official matches. At this year’s tournament, Visa is hosting more than 700 consumers from 28 different countries and more than 65 clients from across Europe and North America.


Suzy Brown, Marketing Director, UK & Ireland, at Visa commented: “Our new campaign features moments of female empowerment and acceptance inspired by true stories from players creating a sense of authenticity. Each of these moments cumulatively ‘change the game’ for good. We want Visa to be a catalyst to create positive change both in women’s football, but also levelling the playing field in other areas.”


Sarai Bareman, Chief women’s football officer, FIFA commented: “The FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 is going to be the biggest women’s sporting event of the year and we are delighted that Visa can join us this summer for what is going to be the best FIFA Women’s World Cup ever.It is vital for the growth of women’s football that we have partners like Visa heavily involved in our showpiece event, and I am pleased to support the launch of their global campaign that centers on women’s empowerment.”



Mattessons 'MMM3000' (Online content)


The MMM3000, the world's first ultimate hands-free snacking & gaming device, was created in partnership with The Syndicate Project to promote Mattessons Fridge Raiders as the ideal snack for hungry teenagers returning home from school.

Visa 'Grandad Tourismo' (Integrated)


As Visa has evolved from a card-oriented business to become a technology leader, the 'Life Flows Better with Visa' campaign has encouraged consumers to take their next steps in the new world of payments, making their lives easier, faster and