Direct Line 'No Blame'

Harvey Keitel returns as the ‘Fixer’ Winston Wolf in the latest Direct Line advert from Saatchi & Saatchi London to promote Direct Line’s commitment to protecting their customers’ no claims discount.

‘No Blame’ tells the story of a couple returning to the car park following a shopping trip, to find that their car has been damaged by another vehicle. The couple immediately grow frustrated at the damage, but worry more at the prospect of losing their hard earned No Claims Discount (NCD,) the discount on a customer’s premium in accordance with the number of years they haven’t had to claim on their policy. The familiar figure of Winston Wolf emerges from the depths of the car park and reassures the couple that with their Direct Line insurance policy, their NCD is safe from accidental damage.

To inform the campaign, Direct Line conducted consumer research showing that drivers who are recipients of accidental damage believe that the fault should lie with those who caused the accident, and that protecting this damage should be at the core of what their insurer offers.

Direct Line’s commitment to protecting their customers’ NCD means that damage from being hit whilst parked, potholes or road maintenance, theft of or from the car, flood damage, wild or domestic animals and debris will not affect their No Claims Discount

The integrated campaign will roll out on TV, online, outdoor as well as on social. Radio adverts will also roll out across prime drive time slots to increase No Blame’s relevancy, following consumer insight that 23% of radio listening is done while in the car.