Direct Line 'The Desperate Journey Trilogy' (Facebook content)

Direct Line’s first Facebook campaign, ‘The Desperate Journey Trilogy’ stars a family coping without their car in three situations - ‘holiday’, ‘school’ and ‘work’ - with hilarious consequences, to promote Direct Line’s guaranteed hire car proposition that keeps drivers moving.

In ‘Cannon’, mum - complete with suitcase – climbs into a giant cannon, posing for one last photo with the kids before dad lights the fuse and mum is fired off to Cornwall for the family holiday. As the screen goes black, we hear Dad ask, “who’s next?”

In ‘Balloons’, the children are each tethered to a bunch of balloons, mum cuts the rope and off they float (hopefully) to school.

In ‘Skates’, a suit-clad dad complete with pink, ill-fitting kid’s helmet, skates and rocket-laden backpack is given his briefcase before mum lights the fuse. As the screen goes black we hear the rocket explode and dad scream.