EE: Full Fibre Max

Real house. Real broadband. Real nerves. 

Directed by BAFTA award winning producer Tom Hooper, the ad follows real life family of five the Saleys, who watch on in excitement as their Harrow home is transformed into a remote air traffic control system connected by their EE Full Fibre Max broadband router.

The remote unit was set up in The Saley’s dining room, midst the family’s busy household, to share relevant data in real time directly to the pilot, aiding the smooth landing at Cambridge airport.

While all three Saley children played on their PlayStation, and their parents continued streaming content to their laptops, tablets, smartphones and other connected devices all running on their EE Full Fibre Max broadband, EE was able to broadcast several huge streams of data from the family home, providing accurate airspeed and rate of descent, all glitch-free, and assisting the pilots to fly and land the plane on the runway.

Pete Jeavons, marketing communications director at BT and EE, said: “In today’s connected family home, we know how many devices can be online at one time and this is increasing all the time, so this demonstration was about showing that despite how many devices are already relying on EE Full Fibre, the broadband can still cope with so much more.”

Guillermo Vega, chief creative officer at Saatchi & Saatchi, added: "EE's new Full Fibre broadband can handle anything you throw at it, so we put it to the test with a product demo on an epic scale.”  As well as crediting Hooper, Vega paid tribute to the air traffic controllers and “our incredible technical production partner The 5Gs” for making the “seemingly impossible, possible”.