EE: PhoneSmart Licence

Saatchi & Saatchi has created a campaign to support a new online course for mobile provider EE. 

The course, called PhoneSmart is a free-to-access online course aimed at 10–13-year-olds getting their first phone, and is designed to educate them on how to stay safe and be kind online. Those who manage to complete the digital online course are deemed to have developed the skills and knowledge to operate safely online and will be awarded the 'EE PhoneSmart Licence’ 
To mark the launch of the EE PhoneSmart Licence and encourage parents and guardians and their children to take part in the course, EE has unveiled a short film, featuring musician Clement Marfo, highlighting not only the breadth of things that can be done with a phone, from creating new dance routines to learning a new skill, but also the dangers that children may be exposed to.
The EE PhoneSmart License was created in response to parents' and guardians' concerns around the challenges presented by giving a child their own devise. Research from Ofcom revealed that 49 percent of 8 to 11 year olds own their own smart phone. That number increases to 91 percent to 12 to 15 year olds, with 81 percent having had at least one potentially harmful experience online in the past year.
The hour-long course was created in collaboration with experts from Internet Matters, and in consultation with Home-Start, ChildNet, Marie Collins Foundation and the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and is split into four modules: online hate, digital wellbeing, staying safe online and digital & media literacy.
Designed to actively engage 10 to 13-year-olds, each module features animated storylines, interactive quizzes and activities, all highlighting the benefits and dangers of phones, and helping them to understand how they can identify and report instances of online abuse, hate, discrimination and cyberbullying. 
Kelly Engstrom, brand & demand generation communications director at EE said: “The build-up to getting your first phone is both exciting and daunting for children and their parents. The EE PhoneSmart Licence was created to help navigate this milestone, equipping young people with an understanding of phone safety. Our mission as the UK’s leading network is to connect for good, and by educating the next generation on how to avoid dangers and get the best from their first phone, we can play our part in keeping children safe online. We believe that every child should be safe online which is why we’ve made the course free and available to everyone, regardless of what network they’re on.”
Dan Treichel, executive creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi, said: “When cars were first around, anyone could drive without any training. And sure enough, this proved dangerous and a course and driving licence were brought in to keep people safe. Like getting your first car, getting your hands on your first smartphone is a big moment, full of excitement and promise, but with risks. The iPhone was released in 2007 but until now, there wasn’t a course to teach people how to be safe and kind when using their smartphones. With PhoneSmart Licence, kids will now have the tools and know-how to navigate this new world safely and parents and carers will have the reassurance they need.”

DT: Project Futureproof

Deutsche Telekom have launced a new campaign, Project Futureproof, to inspire and support young people in following their passions when it comes to choosing a career.

At the core of the campaign is an optimistic short film that invites young people to choose utopia over dystopia and trust that their passion will support them. Set in 2021, a series of sci-fi glitches offers a group of Gen Z a vision into the future, showing a glimpse into how they (and the world around them) have been changed by following their passions.

Backed by a version of Billie Eilish’s ‘My Future’, the superstar also cameos in the future world. The campaign will be featured across a range of Gen Z focused digital and social media channels including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Spotify.

At the heart of Project Futureproof is a free-to-access digital tool that helps Gen Z to better understand their abilities and how these are connected to future career opportunities. It has been developed in collaboration with both Gen Z contributors and a diverse group of professional skills & employability experts. It aims to connect users to peer-to-peer inspiration & support. 


BT: Hope United Marcus Rashford

The final film in BT's three part series features footballer Marcus Rashford as he explores the important role literature plays in introducing young people to Black British history in their early years of school.

The episode will see Marcus share recommendations and a carefully curated list of books for parents and carers to inspire and help children and young people discover more about black history and culture. The list will be available on the Pan Macmillan website, and will feature books and resources by authors including Floella Benjamin, David Olusoga and Lenny Henry and illustrators such as Diane Ewen and Dapo Adeola.  

OBV: All For Nothing

Operation Black Vote (OBV) has released a hard-hitting awareness campaign, as part of an urgent appeal to encourage underrepresented communities to register to vote.

In the UK, the 6th May sees the first major vote since George Floyd’s murder nearly one year ago. However, ethnic minorities still show worryingly low levels of registration compared to the national average. BAME non voter registration is at 24%, compared to 6% in white communities.

If people aren’t registered by Monday 19th April, they will not be able to vote.

The campaign focuses on the importance of registering to vote and delivers a stark message. By not exercising a power to vote, the 200,000 people that attended mass rallies, the 135 arrests, and the on-going campaign to tackle racial injustice, can be seen as ‘all for nothing’.

Operation Black Vote is urging underrepresented people, not just Black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals, but also young people too, not to underestimate the power of their vote to help create real change.

Saatchi & Saatchi client BT will be supporting the campaign and running the 60 second film across its BT Sport channels. Saatchi & Saatchi is also building conversations and awareness through Clubhouse, and across various podcasts.

Lord Woolley said : “Voting absolutely makes a difference. Look no further than what occurred last November in the US. The voters voted for an end to racial division, and for racial equality for all communities. We’ve seen people here protest for change.  The most radical political act you can do, is to register to vote, use your voice, and vote.”

OBV is a not for profit, non-party political organisation focussed on voter registration and getting the vote out, political mentoring and nurturing leadership. Its foundations are based on the four pillars of education, participation, representation and equality promotion. 


More on OBV here:


Direct Line 'Skipping' (Online content)


Harvey Keitel as the character Winston Wolf from cult classic Pulp Fiction voices Direct Line’s new YouTube preroll ad in which he asks in the first 5 seconds; “will you choose to skip the ad or choose the skipping ad”?

Direct Line 'Hens' (Integrated)


Direct Line’s new campaign 'Hens' which launches its guaranteed hire car proposition that keeps drivers moving, sees Winston Wolf coming to the rescue of ‘Julia and the girls’ who are on their way to a hen party when their car is hit by a cou

bathstore 'Duck' (Integrated)


Highlighting the importance of a bathroom and its role in the home where the big things in life happen, bathstore’s latest campaign stars ‘Duck’ observing some of these moments whilst in the bathroom.

Toyota 'The Dust' (Online content)


Toyota’s new campaign pits cricket legends Michael Vaughan and Glenn McGrath in a head-to-head one-off driving challenge to determine who could get one up on the old enemy and #settlethescore at the wheel of a GT86 coupe, instead of at the wicket.

Pampers 'Pooface' (Online content/cinema)


'Pooface' is the first film created for Pampers Wipes new “Don’t Fear The Mess!” campaign. Set to the classic score Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Strauss, the film charts in super slow motion, a big moment in ten young babies lives: doing a poo.

EE 'Power Rap' (Online content)


Promoting EE’s new customer loyalty proposition 'Power Bars', the film shows the party leaders’ as we’ve never seen them before, behind closed doors, where they think no one is watching.

Direct Line 'Magnate' (Integrated)


Direct Line’s latest instalment of their successful campaign starring Harvey Keitel as the character Winston Wolf from cult classic Pulp Fiction, focuses on reinforcing the fact that Direct Line’s high quality insurance comes at surprisingly competit