Marie Curie, 'Whatever you call it'

Marie Curie’s new campaign aims to highlight the way people avoid talking about death and dying by using euphemisms to encourage more people to start a conversation. 
Most people aren’t comfortable thinking or talking about dying, so we decided the best way to change this behaviour and create societal change was to point out the slightly odd and quirky ways that we all avoid talking about death by using euphemisms. We created a series of charming animations with Moth Animation Studio which brought to life, ‘pop your clogs’, ‘meet your maker’, ‘give up the ghost’ and many of the other euphemisms that exist to communicate the campaign message - whatever you call death, we should all talk about it.
The campaign signals an important and significant shift in Marie Curie’s purpose to more confidently position the charity as ‘experts in end of life experience’ rather than purely a ‘provider of end of life care’. This move will broaden the charity’s relevance, and in turn, we hope to produce greater fundraising revenue which will allow them to care for more people.
The campaign went live on 3rd November 2019 across TV, radio, social and PR.