Mattessons 'Snackarchist' (Integrated)

Mattessons new nationwide campaign aims to disrupt the status quo of the nation’s snacking habits, and incite a revolt against crisps.

Starring the ‘Snackarchist’, a geeky, tongue-in-cheek character who embodies the Mattessons rebellious spirit, and breaks all sorts of rules including riding a child’s scooter into an area marked ‘motorcycles only’ and camping outside a sign marked ‘no loitering’. The ‘Snackarchist’s’ rule breaking extends to his choice of snacking - he doesn’t snack on conventional crisps, like many Brits, but instead walks his own path and chooses meat. 

The work is the latest in a series of ground-breaking Mattessons campaigns, including the artificially intelligent robot F.R.H.A.N.K, the “Hank Marvin” TV spot, and the MMM3000 co-created gaming and snacking meat helmet, which won seven awards. 

The multi-million campaign, featuring a 60 second ad and 30” cut down, will run on TV and online and will also extend to paid social on Twitter and Facebook and will be supported by a PR campaign and dedicated ‘Snackarchist’ Twitter page.