Asda - Mother’s Day (Integrated)

Asda and Saatchi & Saatchi have launched their Mother’s Day campaign with a difference – The Mother’s Day Plan. The “30 ad is based on research conducted by Asda’s Mumdex that revealed 60% of mums feel that Mother’s Day is over by 10:30am. Demonstrating that whatever the budget - with Asda’s wide range of gifts, food and flowers, you can afford to make Mother’s Day last all day and share more love with mum.

Research also revealed that after receiving a solitary card in the morning and perhaps breakfast in bed most mothers get on with their usual chores as it if was any other Sunday, including cooking the Sunday roast, with only 19% of mothers feeling like they get the whole day to feel special.

The advert shows a crack team formed of dad, son, daughter and dog formulating a Mother’s Day plan the night before. The son explains the plan using an annotated flip board going through the details of the day: what breakfast will consist of, allocated gifts, including giving extra commands such as “walk yourself” to the dog and “No dramas” aimed at the little girl. The advert ends with the tagline ‘Share more love with Asda’.

The 30” TV advert will run alongside 10” digital product-focused executions on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube until March 25th